Quang Ninh, the land of charming beaches

If you have ever travelled to Quang Ninh province, you will be impressed by a large number of beautiful beaches which stretch along the coastal areas of the province. It is not easy to mention here all the beaches. In additional to the named beaches, there are lots of unnamed ones which are waiting for your visit. Each destination has its own attractive charm which you can find it by your self. However, you may find a common point among them that is the beauty.

Tra Co beach

The first one to be mentioned is Tra Co beach. It is located in the easternmost point, Mong Cai town. Tra Co is often referred to as the most charming beach of Vietnam with long sandy beach combined with purely fresh water. The landscape of Tra Co is different from that of Ha Long, Do Son and other beaches since it possesses both fine sand and mountains. You can find out that Tra Co is a charming and peaceful place. Visiting Tra Co, you will have chance to enjoy the scenery of the landscape, rest yourself in peaceful sunset forget the noise from daily life. If you have chance to come there in summer, you can take part in “Tra Co village Festival”, one of the meaningful and interesting festivals of fishing villages in the north. This festival takes place annually in June of lunar year.


Also situated in Ha Long city is the two well-known artificial beaches: Tuan Chau and Bai Chay. Bai Chay is a large and beautiful beach located closely to the bank of Ha long Bay. Many tourists coming to Bai Chay in summer will be filled with the animated atmosphere there. Bai Chay has been upgraded with diversified activities like restaurants, national park, and other sport activities. Tuan Chau is another artificial beach which attracts lots of tourists. This is a beautiful beach in Tuan Chau tourist site. Although it is not a natural beach, its 2km long beach is considered as charming as that of other beaches. Visiting Tuan Chau, you can go for sightseeing or join many activities like mountain climbing, camping on pine hill, etc.

Quan Lan beach

Quan Lan beach is located within Bai Tu Long Bay, about 55km away from Ha Long city. This is a beautiful beach whose original beauty is still remained until now. The untouched charming beauty and the original ecological environment of Quan Lan have attracted tourists in and outside the country. About 15km away from Quan Lan is Minh Chau beach, another well-known beach of Quang Ninh. Minh Chau enchants tourists not only for its wonderful white sandy beach, but also for the free feeling it can bring about. Visiting Minh Chau beach, tourists can stay over night in self-made camps. Lying on the beach and enjoying local specialties will surely bring you a memorable feeling. Another natural beach is Ti Top. It’s about 14km to the east of Bai Chay. The sandy beach there is not very large but quiet and peaceful. The pure and clear water combined with the wonderful scenery have made Ti Top a preferential choice for many tourists. And Co to island, is the new heaven in the future for tourist. Now, all the beaches in Co to island is very quiet and pure, you can see deeply in the sea without diving. And of course in the best weather, you can have a scuba dive tour to discover all the wonderful things under the blue sea.

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